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Parent's Guide

Parent’s are essential to the process of developing young talent. Parent support is absolutely essential but parents have to remember that there are very thin lines between supporting, wanting
them to do their best, and pushing your child. It is also a contact sport, so accidents will happen, as will bumps and bruises.  What we don’t want is to lose active children at youth level simply because too much pressure was put on them to win and at all costs. Parental pressures can have an
adverse effect on the child and their ambitions to succeed if too much pressure is placed on the kids.
Do not under estimate your impact on your child’s experience on and off the mat. They look to you for the encouragement, validation and yes, enjoyment!

If you are enjoying it, they will most likely enjoy it too. Involvement with your club helps everyone.
Your child sees the support your lending and that gives validation to their choice. It also helps the club with another set of helping hands, especially if you have a specific skills set. So volunteering is also way of supporting.

It is very common that once a child starts in Jiu Jitsu or Judo, the parent follows on to the mat. It is a
means to great whole-body fitness and wellness, as well as a stress reliever and community orientated sport. You can do both martial arts anywhere in the World! Self-discipline and expectations begin with the students’ parents.  Parents should ensure that their children understand these expectations. 

For the safety of all the children and the respect to the Sensei's/Instructors. 

There will be “NO COACHING” of your child while they are in class.  Interference with instructions to any child/children while they are in class on the mats under the Sensei's supervision is unacceptable.     

For any questions or concerns, please come to class 15 minutes prior to discuss with the instructor. 


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